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WWIII, or World War 3 is fought between the Communist Union (Russia, North Korea, China, Turkey, Cuba, and Germany) and the American-European Alliance. Is Trump going to start World War III? Chances are you've been sentient for a few presidents now -- and while you might not have liked all of. PRESIDENT Trump's missile attack on the Syrian regime has caused a spike in tension between the United States and Russia.

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As of November [update] , Belgium , Germany , Italy , the Netherlands and Turkey are still hosting US nuclear weapons as part of NATO's nuclear sharing policy. After the evacuation of Finland, CU marches to take the whole of Finland and install a puppet government. The retaking of Poland will happen later, however, due to the many CU forces in Poland. Daily Star Online can reveal which US states would be vapourised if World War Three were to break out. The US, UK, Canada, France, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Netherlands, and Belgium all participated. As Winston Churchill said back in , "The world is arming as it has never armed before. The CU also manages to get Egypt and Madagascar so they can invade Africa.

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5 Nostradamus Predictions for 2017! chances world war 3 Professor John Lewis Gaddis, Historian". The US is the only country in possession of fifth-gen fighter jets — Fs and an F that is not yet out of the testing phase. Over 25 armored and infantry kniffel tricks are stationed at the Polish border. TESTING TIMES Cricket fan Theresa May urges Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull to end player strike threatening the Ashes. September 12, The AEA officially starts the invasion of Russia. Germany also wants more land, so Russia and Turkey will bring troops for an offensive into Belgium and the Czech Republic. Reeling from the February 24 attacks, the AEA responds by dropping numerous infantry groups into Greece, Japan, and Finland. Retrieved 10 August How to disable your ad blocker for independent. Man Utd beat Chelsea to second signing after 'agreeing deal to buy Tiemoue Bakayoko'. WWIII, or World War 3 is fought between the Communist Union Russia, North Korea, China, Turkey, Cuba, and Germany and the American-European Alliance USA, France, Britain, Italy, South Korea, Poland, Japan, Saudia Arabia, Brazil, Israel, and Finland The war lasted 3 years, and was started by the Russian invasion of Poland. Xi stated in the meeting that they are interested in invading Philippines. View our online Press Pack. All News UK News World News Politics Opinion. In a speech by their president, he states that a Russian crossing of the border will force the AEA to attack. About Us Press Room Subscriptions Contact Us Jobs and Internships Advertising Submission Guidelines Permissions Masthead Home Magazine Blogs Security Society Economics Politics Global Governance Africa Americas Asia Eurasia Europe Middle East Oceania. Here's the thing -- all those things I said about the U. Although there has been no major combat between the great powers since the Second World War, there are three key fronts emerging that make the prospect of a third global conflict alarmingly conceivable. If you've been reading the site long enough, you might remember Adam Tod Brown's pre-election Duterte column that happened to have this title:. If the AEA provides ww2 strategie spiele and missiles, Germany promises to help the AEA. The terrorist attacks in Europe have demonstrated the difficulty in containing the spill-over from these policies. Baltimore Sun, 31 August article reprinted as The Nuclear War That Almost Happened in The German army moves into offensive attacking the AEA army which stops Germany and the German army suffers heavy losses. China invades Indonesia and surprises the AEA with the AEA's attention focused on the Middle East. Syria is taken by CU. These are the US targets Vladimir Putin WILL strike in World War Three. The AEA has to fall back to Warsaw and defend it from the advancing Russians. Here's the thing -- all those things I said about the U. Editions Scottish Sun Irish Sun Sun Bets Sun Bingo Dream Team. The Greek army, being small, is unable to respond to the massive attack. Content is available under CC-BY-SA.